Welcome to the Home of Immortal Realm. A PC MMORPG currently in development by Chaos Rift Entertainment, LLC. We’re in the early concept and development phase. A Kickstarter campaign is planned in the near future for Immortal Realm.

The story so far

Imagine if you will, a world where life is eternal. Death is a temporary state. When you die, you awaken full of every memory, every joy, every pain, every death you’ve experienced. You are immortal in a realm where every one else too is immortal. 

How would you live this life? If someone kills you, would you seek vengeance and kill them after waking? Or would you hold that pain back and move on? What if each time you killed someone, a small piece of their energy was given to you and in turn made you stronger and them weaker? Would you seek all the power in existence? 

Immortal Realm is a tour within your own mind. A deep, psychological game rooted in your decisions on the land. Each action has consequence, because nothing is ever truly forgotten.