The project never really died it was put on hold. It’s been upgraded to Unity AND Atavism 2019.1 . Lots of huge changes in both engines that are going to help the project.

Placement of buildings before texturing.

This past weekend I went back into the projected and just systematically deleted 90% of all the assets, files, prefabs and other such things. I added far too much crap during the project’s growth and scope period. Back to the basics! So the picture above is the Village I am keeping (unless I can raise funds to hire artists). The landscape textures, paths and all that great custom work I did is gone too. The work I did for “Animal Friends Adventure” was a ton of learning that can now be used on this project.

There’ll be more updates now that the project is underway again. This weekend was entirely spent watching Unity Packages slowly install as so many of the “required” ones, including Gaia have been updated quite a bit. Then I went through and organized the folder structures of the projects to “make sense”. Everything basically got a nice fresh smart and a cleaner project to work from.